Arctic Scout Thank You Public Relations Cruise

Ben, ready to start his trip!USCG Eaton's Neck & GS Crew
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The Arctic Scout has entered Delaware Bay after a successful visit in New York Harbor and a stop at Cape May USCG Base. A welcome respite it was and the USCG Team was very hospitable, offering us full use of the base facilities. We stocked provisions, hit the hot showers, and hosted visitors from the base, active and retired and family.  Visitors included ex-Wind class Icebreaker sailors and Deep Freeze participants.  BZ to Cape May TRACENWe write while underway steering 330 M making 9.2 KTs. at 1600 RPM.

Mark Solimando has the CON. Weather continues to be perfect, glassy sea, little wind, sunny sky!  We are headed to USCG Curtis Bay where we picked up the near scrapped ASB, now the pristine ARCTIC SCOUT!Stewart Honeycutt and Don Bruska have made the arrangements for our arrival 08:30 Monday morning. Arctic Scout will be “chopped” to Curtis Bay Command for their use for public relations and enjoyment.

After this visit we will enter Baltimore Harbor for a visit to the John Brown and then head to Annapolis for a reunion with GLACIER Antarctic Explorers the week of Sept 23 to 27. Details to follow.

If you wish to meet or join the ARCTIC SCOUT for a portion of the trip contact the Glacier Office at 203-380-3444 or call my cell aboard ship 561-543-1288. Email

Bernard G. Koether, II


5 Comments On “Arctic Scout Thank You Public Relations Cruise”

  1. Incredible opportunity for these young men, I hope they understand how fortunate they are to have you for a mentor/teacher/leader.

  2. So sorry I missed you. Sounds like a great cruise especially for the Cooper Scouts. NYC should be fabulous. I loved that week we had aboard Mon Amour. (I almost said “Mona” because that’s what all the operators called her.)

  3. A wonderful journey Ben. Thanks for sharing

  4. Fantastic update. So glad you are parting the seas with passion! It clearly shows. Keep pushing! Or better said, “Follow Me”! Or as it was in Operation Deep Freeze with you at the helm, “Follow Ben!” We are following..

  5. Ben, OUTSTANDING job.
    Bravo Zulu

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