Attention All Sea Cadets: Join us for one last hoorah aboard the EXPLORER!

The Explorer
In 1999, The Glacier Society took the Edson Division Cadets on the Arctic Scout to participate alongside the INTREPID during Fleet Week. Nearly 20 years later, we have been gifted the opportunity to repeat this great voyage on Glacier Society’s vessel, the EXPLORER, this spring, and summer, before we find a new home for our beloved boat.

The EXPLORER is headed to New England and The Glacier Society wants to welcome all CT Sea Cadets aboard the EXPLORER free of charge. In the past, we have cruised with up to 20+ for a day and evening, depending upon the Cadets, the supervision, and the capability of the supporters to make this all work smoothly.

The major portion of the event will be funded by The Glacier Society. We ask guests to pay only for their food, drinks, and public transportation to the ship. However, Donations for this event are sought after, most welcome, and are tax deductible.

Join us for one last excursion this spring and summer before we part ways with The EXPLORER!

See link below for the listing for m/v EXPLORER and a link to her virtual tour:

Virtual Tour
The Explorer2

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