Florida Laser Masters Championship Regatta – Palm Beach Sailing Club


Here are some pictures taken recently of the Arctic Scout serving as Committee Boat for Sail Boat Racing.

For the past two weeks, the Arctic Scout and Glacier Volunteers have been providing services to sailors assembled from as far away as Lymington, UK to compete in championship racing.

Just think, 57 years ago the USS GlACIER AGB4 and the USS Staten Island AGB-5 were deep in the Bellinghausen Sea off of the designated “Thurston Peninsula”. The Arctic Scout, then called the Greenland Cruiser, lay in her mooring on the Starboard Quarter.

As we approached the coast soon to become recognized as Thurston Island, we launched the Scout to scout ahead and protect the two large ice breakers which were sailing into uncharted waters.

The ice was heavy,  8/10 tenths to 9/10 tenths coverage.   Sometimes we became trapped in 100% covered ice and the ships moored along side each other and waited for improvement. On FEB 6 to 14, we experienced heavy wind up to 75 Kts, heavy snow and of course COLD-COLD-COLD.

So here you see the US NAVY BOAT now our prized ARCTIC SCOUT, bobbing nicely on her anchor in the South Atlantic Ocean off Palm Beach!!

Thanks to thousands of our supporters we are able to keep “cruising as before, all engines on line, ships generators running, all hands accounted for”


BG Koether

Navigator in 1961 and still on watch in 2018.

You are all welcome to join with us, contribute to the Glacier Society, and come to Florida for a cruise!!