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Glacier Society Management Team

The Glacier Management Team met in early September 2002 at the Glacier Society Headquarters at FastInc in Brigeport, CT. Our purpose was to review the status of restoration plans and to map out future strategies for our work in California. High on the list of topics was the impending move from the MARAD facility on the Sacramento River to alongside a pier in the immediate vicinity. We are working strenuously to clean up and outfit the ship prior to such a move. While pier side we will be engaging in work on the ship's propulsion system and working with volunteers from Elderhostel starting in Spring of 2003.

Members of the Management Team pictured are (from left to right): Perry Wootten, Ben Koether, John Barell, Jack Erhard, Tom Beck, Adm. Jim Miller, Willits Sawyer, Ross Hatch.

Those who also attended the meeting but missing from the photo are: Steve Solar, Martin McNair, Jon Fox, Patrick Lennon, Roz Koether, Paul Pimentel.

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