Photos of Premovement Survey - April 2002 - Page 3 
Arctic Scoout


Vent wastage 02 level STBD side near stack
created by guano accumulation

Waterway and drain
damaged by guano
02 Level STBD side near hanger
Temporary repair with roofing tar

Port side pilot house
"16 year old paint in
excellent condition"

Port side.
Heavy rust follows
waterways that were
filled with guano.

Port quarter top side
Left panel heavy armor plate
Right panel light steel

Port AFT corner of mess deck.
Observe seagull damage where
port was left open.

Typical tank
sounding tube

Fantail looking forward at
towing windlass port

Evidence of guano destruction
of power cable stuffing tubes.
Bird populations perched in
Lee by this area.
Guano was over 1 foot deep!

Engine room 1A
Mostly intact; some gear missing

#1 Engine room access
Ships service generators were
removed via this access.
New engines will come back in
via the same route!

#1 Engine room
All equipment removed to
allow access to ship service
generators standing by
for reinstallation

#1 Engine room
Duct work awaiting reinstall

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