Photos of the Mission to London
Arctic Scoout

The photos below were taken aboard HMS Belfast on Sept 11, 2002. I was aboard HMS Belfast as a tourist to gain an understanding of how historic ships are presented, and their exploits described to the public. I was very fortunate to be invited to observe and participate in the promotion ceremony for a group of new Chief CPO's USN. This was an honor indeed and it was followed up with a traditional wetting down party where I did by best to recruit Glacier Society membership. Here is my report, mission accomplished, we have some members coming aboard!! This is what I call great recruiting duty. Thank you CINCLANT!!

Ben Koether

HMC (FMF) Patti Spencer

Enlisted personnel who were
promoted to Chief

Ben Koether recruits Chief Petty
Officer Teresa Kaloi at the
wetting down party!

Founding members of the
Glacier Society UK
L-R: Danny Bonwitt, Peter Fuchs,
Alexandria Shackleton, Bob Headland
Ben Koether, Christine Holmes,
Keith Holmes

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of the MSB move

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of the July 2002 work week

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of the premovement survey

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of Operation Organ Transplant

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of the crew in action





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