Alaska’s Senator Lisa Murkowski Supports Glacier Restoration

October 7 , 2004


Ben Koether, Chairman of The Glacier Society, Senator Lisa Murkowski, and
Stephen M. Johnson, Vice President of The Glacier Society in Washington, D.C.

Alaska's Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) today announced her support for The Glacier Society's efforts to restore and redeploy the historic icebreaker USS/USCGC Glacier as a health care delivery ship to serve Native Alaskans in the state's most remote areas.

Renamed MV Glacier GB4, this ship will also conduct important environmental research and serve as an educational platform which will provide classroom content worldwide by means of the Internet.

Murkowski's support for MV Glacier GB4 reflects her ongoing efforts in the US Senate to promote Alaska's wide ranging issues, including health care, education, energy, natural resources, economic development and improving opportunities for all Alaskans.

In announcing her support for MV Glacier GB4, Senator Murkowski said: "We in the Alaska Congressional delegation have worked hard to address the health needs of Alaskans. I am proud to support this mostly privately funded project that will complement our efforts and address the needs of this state's most remote areas."

The Glacier Society's Chairman Ben Koether responded to the Senator's comments by saying: "We believe this support of the Senator can really be distilled in the phase 'Lisa Leads the Way' and we thank her for her important assistance."

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