Arctic Scoout

RESTORATION LOG #22 - 20 December 2002

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From the Glacier Crew!

The Christmas tree is up and the crew is awaiting Santa. Please make your gift today to support your crew. They are making wonderful progress. Please make your gift right now! They deserve and need your support.

  1. All preparations are complete for the movement of the ship. MARAD transfer documents, insurance, tugs, harbor pilot, mooring lines and fenders, USCG agreement on the movement protocol and the inspection process. All that remains is the pier contract…..maybe Santa will bring that as well!

  2. Volunteers continue to increase in size and level of individual commitment and are being supported by many vendors who are supplying and repairing parts free of charge. These efforts and contributions accumulated to a value of about ONE MILLION DOLLARS THIS PAST YEAR! Now you understand why you need to do your part!

  3. Electrical systems are largely restored throughout the ship. There remain some problem areas for sure, but steady progress is being made so we can have crew members live aboard next year.

  4. We formed the "Hospitality Group" from the food service industry. This team is committed to obtaining new galley gear and supplying food for our crew.

  5. We have a growing membership of scientists and medical practitioners who are enlisting the formal support of leading Universities to staff our medical and research programs.

  6. Our grant writing and fund raising efforts will expand next year as the ship moves along side the pier. We increase our volunteer numbers from restricted days to a schedule of 7 days a week. This more aggressive work schedule will require additional funding to meet our goals.

  7. We have two youth education programs working, one in the East Coast aboard the Icebucket, and the other in the Bay Area aboard the Motor Surf Boat.

  8. Remember, every dollar you contribute goes directly to the ship. Not one cent for overhead, salaries or administration. The Glacier Society should be on the top of your charity list. It provides: Education, Environmental Science & Medical Care and Research, combined with the preservation of Polar History.

Please act today and make plans to assist by volunteering, contributing, and spreading the word about our progress.


RESTORATION LOG #21 - 28 November 2002

  1. We have been unable to resolve the technical issues at Mare Island and have turned our sights elsewhere in the Bay Area. We are actively discussing several locations and reviewing contracts. Our goal is to conclude a lease agreement ASAP. Our team will meet in SFO during the week of Nov 9-13.

  2. Our last work period aboard ship was very productive. We had an interesting mix of Coast Guard, USCG Auxiliary, and USN as well as civilians. Our best day had 12 volunteers. Most satisfying was the presence of two ladies, wives of USCG and USN crew members. Their performance was amazing and kept us motivated!! Gentlemen we encourage you to bring along your wives, and you lady crew members drag out the husband!! Thanks and WELL DONE to Frank and Elaine Brown, USN and ex-ship mate of mine, and Mike and Nancy Devine, USCG. Group Photos of this week's effort are on the web.

  3. We now have a West Coast based team that is growing very strong. Tom Rusert has assumed responsibility for handling public relations and getting our story out locally. Steven Hilferty, USCG Auxiliary is recruiting volunteers to help with restoration and ship movement. He brought Dan DeVaul in as a volunteer this past session. I worked with Dan. We had great fun and made significant progress. Come on back Dan!!

  4. We received a shipment of dock lines; a donation from American Ship management, Marty DeGrand placed them on MARAD's dock just before we left. Everything we need to dock is aboard ship by now. The major missing parts are: THE SHIPS WHEEL, ENGINE ORDER TELEGRAPH, SHIP'S BELL, AND SHIP'S BUILDER PLATES. Someone out there must have these items as they were certainly not junked nor transferred to another vessel. They are in some person's possession.

  5. Our next big priority is to verify all our ventilation fan motors and determine which need replacement. We have located replacement fans of the same series and manufacturer easily accessible from a ship along side. These fans are clean, dry, and near an open deck for swift transport by crane to Glacier. We need electricians and strong mechanics for December and January to complete this mission.

  6. Next priority is to clean the mast, aloft conning tower, and bridge levels with fresh water and biodegradable detergent to remove droppings and dirt. Then we wish to apply fresh paint by roller so that the ship looks presentable when she moves into port. We will be seeking sponsors for this activity during our trip to the Work Boat Show next week. We have made amazing progress, but more hands are required!! Lets all make a push to have her look proud when she comes to the pier.

  7. Finally, we have some more work to do to prepare the cabins on the main deck starboard side for occupancy by volunteers. We removed most of the old moldy carpet. One cabin remains with old carpet. Then we need a thorough cabin scrub down, renew light fixtures, and verify communications circuits and install computers.

  8. Last Item: We are seeking qualified volunteers to live aboard once we are pier side. We need constant security both internally and externally. We need a local qualified leader who can direct volunteers and keep the restoration work flow moving according to plan. Good leadership characteristics combined with verbal and computer communication skills are required. The candidates must possess good technical ability and knowledge of the ship. Please submit your interest with resume to the office.




DAY 4 - 15 NOV 2002

Today was another productive day aboard, with 12 volunteers showing up. Crew consisted of the following: Ben Koether, Adolf Maitz, Marty DeGrand, Mike and Nancy Devine, Frank & Elaine Brown, Dennis Hirth (Benicia Sea Cadet leader), Dan DeVaul, Ernie Kelly, Greg Walker & Jack Erhard.

Finished the clean up work in both aft steering and the motor rooms. Cleaned the deck scuppers and drains, and recoated with "Henry' as needed. Found and patched another leaking area, port side - 02-121. Removed carpeting from staterooms. Continued acquisition of needed equipment and furnishings from the Point Defiance. Materials staged aboard the Pt. Defiance for future transfer by MARAD skid box. Cleaned up hangar deck.

We will work Monday and Tuesday next week with reduce crew, unless any of you can join us!

Jack Erhard, Glacier Restoration Team

I want to thank the special volunteers, the husband and wife teams! Mike and Nancy Devine, (USCG Ret.) and Frank and Elaine Brown (USN Ret.) I sailed with Frank. He brought along his scrap books, and photos, we had a geat time!! This four member team accomplished verry important work cleaning and improving the ship. I hope they will return and live aboard when we get along side the pier.

We were visited by the Contra Costa Times and featured on the front page of this daily with a circulation of over 200,000 here locally. Click here to read the stories. Please think how you can contribute today to help your shipmates in their efforts, time, friends, and money. Order hats, shirts, jackets and wear them to spread the word, our membership grows daily!! Thanks for your help!


DAY 3 - 14 NOV 2002

Once again today we had a total of nine (9) volunteers aboard. Present were the following: Ben Koether (CT), Adolf Maitz (CT), Greg Walker (CA), Marty DeGrand (CT), Frank & Elaine Brown (USN "G" alumni - AZ) and Mike & Nancy Devine ( USCG "G" alumni -AZ ), and Jack Erhard (NJ).

Completed the clean up of debris in after steering. Completed the cleanup of both motor rooms. Continued locating and transferring miscellaneous shipboard components from the adjacent vessels, the Pt Loma, Pt. Defiance & the Nemasket. Making trucking arrangements for moving the donated docking lines to SBRF.

Jack Erhard, Glacier Restoration Team

DAY 2 - 13 NOV 2002

Today we had a total of nine (9) volunteers aboard. Present were the following: Ben Koether (CT), Adolf Maitz (CT), Greg Walker (CA), Marty DeGrand (CT), Frank & Elaine Brown (USN "G" alumni - AZ) and Mike & Nancy Devine ( USCG "G" alumni -AZ),and Jack Erhard (NJ).

Started clean up of debris in after steering caused by prior vent fan operation. Also cleaning up leaking hydraulic fluids. Completed patch repairs on the leaking trough drain on flight deck outside hangar door. Leveled the three life boats and removed drain plugs to drain accumulated rain water. Continued transferring miscellaneous shipboard components from the adjacent vessels. Making trucking arrangements for moving the donated docking lines to SBRF.

(This brief report can be summarized as follows: All arrangements for the move, directly under our control, will be completed next week. The only remaining steps will be to exchange paperwork with MARAD, USCG & Tugs & Pilots. Then we will be ready to go! A berthing contract still is outstanding as well as a harbor survey of Mare Island docks. This is planned for this weekend if all parties can agree on these details. We are working other pier alternatives.)

Jack Erhard, Glacier Restoration Team

DAY 1 - 12 NOV 2002

Today we had a total of eleven (11) volunteers aboard, though some had to depart at mid-day. Present aboard where the following: Ben Koether, Adolf Maitz, Greg Walker, Ernie Kelley, Dan Rosenstrauch, Tom Rusert, Mike White, Jerod White, Lisa Vorderbrueggan, Marty DeGrand, and Jack Erhard.

The bulk of the day was spent aboard the "G" checking the bilge soundings, sketching and planning the work necessary for the accommodation ladder, checking for deck leaks, (found and started repairs of one), removal of stack placards for future placement of the GS logo & campaign ribbon placards for refreshing. Located leak on the flight deck trough just outside the hangar door that was allowing water into the winch compartment and below. Started repairs.

The SBRF MARAD crew has transferred three life boats aboard which we'll use in the future for fund raising rowing races. They also transferred the vent fan assembly and two LARGE fenders.

Stay tuned for more!

Jack Erhard, Glacier Restoration Team

RESTORATION LOG #20 - 25 October 2002

Belay that last order! We cancel sailing in November.

  1. We have run into unexpected technical difficulties with the proposed berth #10 at Mare Island. We have attempted to extend the sailing time for a short period in November so that we could resolve the outstanding issues, but the SFO Pilots prefer to wait until the end of February when both the weather and the transit conditions in the Carquinez Straight improve. MARAD has agreed with our extended stay in Suisun Bay. This is a big disappointment to our volunteers. We truly believed Vallejo would become an ideal community to share our project during the coming years.
  2. Since we announced our intention to move the ship we have had about 30 new volunteers join our quest. The total number is now 250 men and women. The Coast Guard Auxiliary has made a major contribution in this regard. Welcome Aboard! New Memberships dues and gifts exceeding $20,000.00 arrived this week. This is great news that balances the disappointment of not being able to sail to Mare Island.
  3. We are assembling a team of specialists from our volunteer ranks to crank up the search for a host berth that will give us a stable location with an extended occupancy that justifies the start up investment of our members. Mare Island is still a possibility, but there are major obstacles to overcome.
  4. We believe we have been successful in reaching those of you who were planning to drive to the ship by telephone. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience; we finalized this decision at 11:00 this morning. Please help me make sure the word gets to all our membership.
  5. We can inform you that we have all the necessary equipment and support, tugs, pilots, mooring lines and signal flags. So all we need is a satisfactory berthing arrangement, good weather and we are off again to the pier, meanwhile we will continue our on board restoration focusing on ventilation and fresh water distribution.

Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #19 - 17 October 2002

Reveille, reveille, reveille! All Hands Heave Out and Thrice up!

Set the Special Sea and Anchor Detail!

Glacier sails to Mare Island on one of these days depending on our tugs, pilot, weather and crew availability: November 14, 15, or 18. We believe the 18th is the best day if that works for our supporters. It will give us the most time to prepare the ship and berth at Mare Island. However, if you wish to sail, you had better be nearby bearing a hand on Tuesday November 12th to get the ship ready. Some of us will be there the week before making arrangements, you're welcome then as well.

We need crew to man positions: line handlers, lookouts, radio operators and messengers, guides for VIP's, press and photographers, quartermaster for the log book, security for the gangway, pier crew for line handling, signalmen for the flag bag, electricians to supply current for lighting, anchor windlass, engine men and machinists, and of course sweepers.

We must prepare a roster of those who wish to sail. We need to assign positions and organize life jackets for each person, so please make your arrangements immediately and inform via e-mail myself, Vickie,, and Jack Erhard,

If you have questions or need assistance in anyway call 866-ICE-PLAY.

Everyone who receives this is invited, however we cannot take all 4,500 of you who are on this mailing list so hurry and get your name in. Some members of our team do not have e-mail, we've called some already, but if you know of others or have friends who have not joined up and gotten their name on our mailing list you are welcome to invite them as well. We will work out the approved list with USCG and MARAD and confirm back to you your position on board or on the pier at Mare Island.

Thank you all for your great efforts and contributions. This is an exciting time for us all. I hope to see you on board!!

Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #18 - 9 October 2002

Thank you all!! This is the moment we have dreamed of for nearly three years since the day Glacier's retired crewmembers began the drive to restore Glacier. A Well Done to all hands: Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, Marines, Scientists, Seabees, Air National Guard, VX6, US Coast & Geographic Survey, NOAA, members of Congress and the local political staff in California and Connecticut. What a magnificent team assembled via the Internet and personal phone calls. You are a great team!

  1. MARAD has approved the final set of transfer documents. Glacier Society is cleared to remove the ship from Benicia. We are planning to execute the move to Mare Island Pier #10 during the week of November 11 to 15. There is not a 100% guarantee of this date but everyone is working hard to make it a reality. Now is the time to book your travel reservations, many us from the East Coast will be scheduling to remain on station for a month or more.
  2. There are significant tasks remaining to be accomplished both on board the ship and ashore. You have just three weeks left to become a Restoration Plank Owner so you must step up and volunteer now to take action to become a member of this group. Call Jack Erhard ( or Glacier Society Headquarters at 1-866-ICE-PLAY to enlist and volunteer your skills.
  3. We need crewmembers for the trip from MARAD to Mare Island. Please let us know if you are available and what tasks you are qualified for. We also need crewmembers to be stationed on the pier to handle the lines when we come along side. We will be berthing along side a navy barge which is moored to the pier. We will need photographers, personnel on the bridge, windlass operators, signalmen for flags, personnel to serve hot coffee and snacks, and guides for VIP's and the press. Don't forget one of the most important tasks on a ship…THE SWEEPERS!!….we have lots of sweeping and vacuuming both on deck and below. We need a roster, so contact us by phone or e-mail ASAP.
  4. We will not be able to park mobile homes or RV's on Mare Island for the foreseeable future. We will seek alternative locations for those of you who wish to drive such vehicles to Vallejo.
  5. We are seeking volunteers who are qualified and positioned to dedicate lengthy periods of time to assisting with the restoration evaluation and the engineering design work. Currently licensed mariners are particularly valuable to us in this process. Please submit your history and availability to the office.

See you on board,
Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #17 - 1 September 2002

  1. We have our first Major Glacier society Board Meeting this week at which time we will review our plans to move the ship to Berth #10 at Mare Island. If the Management Board approves the draft documents they will be off to MARAD and the Mare Island Crews for signatures. We expect to have Glacier along side the pier before Thanksgiving.
  2. Workweeks will continue as previously outlined, being the second week of the month. We have two months left, September and October and then the move. If you have not been aboard, these two months are your last chance to qualify as a "Restoration Plank Owner". Please contact Jack Erhard to book your participation. Reach Jack at: Jack will relieve Bob Farmer officially during the movement from Mare Island. Bob has responsibilities at home that will prevent his continuing the aggressive schedule he has maintained for the past two years. We will have an award for Bob at that time, meanwhile please send him your thanks. Bob has performed a wonderful service and has set a "Gold Standard" for the retired United States Coast Guard Captains. We're looking for another retired USCG Captain to pick up from Bob. Who's going to step up?!
  3. Last weekend I had the pleasure of working the California Restaurant Show with Eric Rosenquist, our Hospitality Group Leader. We raised about $50,000 worth of new equipment for the ships galley, and we are not done yet. Please be assured that we will have an entirely new galley with the latest equipment. We are building a special Hospitality Leaders Web page at the Glacier web site, watch to see who the members are. You will be impressed!
  4. We have signed contracts with Elderhostel. Three programs will begin next spring aboard ship. Elderhostel ran a similar program for the Battleship Missouri and it was one of their most successful series. We hope to set a new record.
  5. Glacier society will be very busy this month. We will be at these activities:
    • Glacier Society Trustees and Managing Board September 4th, Stratford, CT.
    • Glacier visits Digital Ship in London and holds discussions with Glacier Society of UK. September 7-14.
    • Glacier holds up the flag at the Norwalk Oyster Festival, sharing booth with Sea Cadets and Navy League, September 6-8 in Norwalk, CT.
    • Glacier briefs UNOLS Icebreaker Coordinating Committee at the National Science Foundation, Sept. 23-24.
    • The SNAME Trade Show in Boston Sept 25-28, see:
    • All this plus our regular week aboard ship Sept. 9 through 13.

  7. If you are interested in voyaging aboard Glacier from MARAD to the pier please contact the Glacier Office via e-mail, but first ask yourself, are my dues paid?
  8. We'd like to ask you some questions. How many persons would be interested in having RV parking and power facilities along side Glacier at Mare Island? How many of you would like us to arrange joint visits to the ship with a pre-set tour of the Napa Valley, San Francisco and other parts of California? We encourage you to consider bringing the family for a joint work and tour. Please give us your comments.

Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #16 - 21 July 2002

  1. We completed a record two weeks work period aboard ship in Suisun Bay. About 20 persons were active most days, either aboard ship or working issues ashore. We accomplished some very significant events. I'll just mention the highlights:
    a. We conducted an underwater survey to check the propellers and runner, satisfactory!
    b. We removed an exhaust fan that services the forward portion of the ship. It is frozen and will need replacement or rebuild. We located two identical units on a nearby ship, so we have alternatives.
    c. We conducted an inspection of the Main Diesels. Fairbanks is preparing a quotation of parts and assistance for returning all 10 engines to service. The inspection included removal of ports. The engines look very good. All lighting in the engine rooms worked. Visibility was excellent for the first time and the spaces are beginning to appear normal. You can now visualize them being back in 4.0 condition with another big push from a dedicated group of engine men.
    d. We completed disassembly of frozen parts on the forward crane so they can be repaired and the crane placed back in operation.
    e. We recovered a very significant quantity of parts from the ships along side and we constructed inventory lists on a palm top for transmittal to a PC database. The ship is coming together very professionally and with great teamwork and organization. If we can turn out big crews like this again we will approach having a complete inventory of parts on board, or identified as missing, so we will know what we need to get underway.
  2. We launched a new effort, Hospitality Services, led by Eric Rosenquist of Cinni-Little. Cinni-Little is the preeminent Food Service Design/Consulting firm in North America. He conducted a through survey of the galley, reefers, food storage, and the berthing. He will form a Committee of Food Service Industry Manufacturers to restore completely our total capability for Hotel services. This will include cooking, holding, preparation, dispensing, cleaning and berthing supplies as well as food stores. The goal will be to have limited capability shortly after we hit the pier with full operational capability by next spring when Elderhostel's program with the Glacier will be published.
  3. We conducted a "Pier" meeting and reached verbal agreement on terms and conditions for a berth. We are awaiting conformation documents from the real estate agents prior to drafting a contract. Meanwhile we are still investigating alternatives. However, for the first time I believe we have berthing in hand.
  4. We have begun discussions with possible vendors on telephone switchgear. Glacier's switch is missing. The proposed new equipment will give us full ships telephone service and interconnect to shore circuits. Our goal will be to have this in operation coincident with hitting the pier so we have good communications and security services operational.
  5. Last but not least, I wish to share that this past week we had our first international member volunteer, Keith Holmes from Oxford England. Keith is a veteran of Stonington Base, a geologist by trade and explorer by interest. He will be our senior leader in the UK and very active with us in the future! Keith shares the vision of sailing up the Thames to London!!

Ben Koether
Glacier Society, Inc.

RESTORATION LOG #15 - 30 June 2002

  1. We are pleased and proud to announce that Rear Admiral James Miller USN SC (Ret.) has joined our Management Advisory Board. Jim was previously the CEO of the Navy Memorial after his retirement from active duty. This and more information will be posted on the web site next week along with information on the other directors. Jim is already working hard for us. I can't tell you how much it means to have a reply to my dawn messages within seconds. The first man on the bridge early in the morning is the Admiral with thoughtful facts and guidance on sourcing the many pieces that are still missing.
  2. Happy July 4th. Our crewmembers and volunteers are preparing to head out to the ship for July 8th workweek. We have about 20 people and will have a very energetic effort that will include an underwater inspection of the screws and rudder. We want to be sure we are getting all the parts necessary to get her steaming! We also plan to make spot checks on the hull plate thickness.
  3. Vickie Ipacs is traveling to Europe for the month of July. Her phone is forwarded to mine, so responses may slow down for a while we experience our "summer office hours". Tom Beck, Helen Belkin and other volunteers will try to keep the ball rolling.
  4. We have completed the MRAD contract and it is ready for signature. We have additional documents to submit for the business issues and insurance. These are in hand and will be completed by the end of July for submittal to the Secretary of Transportation.
  5. The ICEBUCKET (the old Arctic Survey Boat) has been hauled at Captain's Cove Marina and lies outside the Aquaculture School. We have a group of local volunteers who is committed to "take her down the original glass finish and rebuild her interior. She has some rotten wood, leaks, crazed ports, missing mast, outdated running lights, and general disarray that present a less than "Bristol" condition suitable for an Admiral's Launch. This is our goal, to make her perfect! She will pass a 4.0 Inspection when complete and will have all the latest electronics fully integrated. We will involve as many youth groups in the process as a learning experience and on the job training.
  6. We want to say thank you to the Senators and Congressman who wrote letters of support for our grant application at Save America's Treasures. As of Friday night the letters were still coming in. California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, I know are in and other States are in process.
We will send a special report after our visit to the ship.

Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #14 - 9 June 2002

  1. Plan to join and support the restoration crew aboard Glacier the week of July 7th, 2002. Go to the web site for more details. We are closing in on the movement date. This may be one of your last chances to earn special recognition for having worked aboard Glacier while she lies at MARAD. You will be sorry when you see what the others have earned!!

  2. We have concluded negotiations with MARAD and expect to sign the transfer documents shortly. Patrick Lennon Esq. of Southport, CT. is donating the Admiralty legal work. Thank you, Patrick.

  3. The discussions about berthing continue. We are moving closer to an agreement, but the multiplicity of authorities is, to say the least, confusing and cloudy. However, we believe that suddenly this will come to a close as well and we will be able to announce the winner of the GLACIER'S next port.

  4. Dr. Jerri Nielsen, author of ICE BOUND and famous cancer survivor from the South Pole Station has joined our Medical Advisory Board. Jerri is going to take a very active role supporting the Glacier Society. She will be donating her time and the revenue earned from major speeches to the Society. We have recently spent time together planning the ships medical restoration and building an alliance with one or more major medical schools. Our plans are BIG and THEY WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED! There is no possible way I can express to you her level of commitment to our mission. We are truly blessed to have this wonderful lady on our team.

  5. We are expanding our management organization and forming a tiered level of interlocking teams. The Management Board is entirely new. Its mission is to "manage the Business of the Society" by writing the business plans, supervising the specialty working units and driving the time line to accomplish the goals. Here is the membership of the Management Board. This is indeed an impressive group of men. We all are indeed grateful for their commitments. Capt. Will Sawyer, USN (Ret) of Boston, MA; Charles P. Stetson, USN (Ret.) of Fairfield, CT.; Steve Soler, Upper Arlington, Ohio; Rev. J. Perry Wooton, USN (Ret.) Eastchester, NY. and Capt. Martin McNair, USN (Ret.) Richmond, CA. We will publish more on this subject in our Newsletter.

  6. We have completed initial negotiations with insurance underwriters and have set forth a clear path for obtaining insurance for liability and ship movement. Further, we have agreed upon a path to gain insurance for operation of the ship at sea. We are waiting completing of the ships survey for issuance of insurance for the movement to the pier. This should all be completed this month.

  7. We have a Grant request pending before the selection Committee of Save America's Treasures. Visit to learn more about this program. We could use letters of support from members of Congress. If any of you can assist in this regard please do so today!! The Committee is acting as you read this memo. Write to We especially wish to thank Congressmen Shay's and Simmons, both of whom have sent letters of endorsement to the committee.


    Bernard G. Koether

RESTORATION LOG #13 - 10 February 2002

  1. The year end fund raising suffered, as did other charities, from the 9-11 hangover. However, we did bring in considerable support and increased our number of donors. The most significant contributions were from two entities, one anonymous supplying a new Kohler Generator for the ICEBUCKET. The other contribution was from Peterson Power Systems. This firm has been loaning us a generator that supplies power to our work
    parties. It now is ours permanently!! These are very significant contributions with a value of over $30,000.

  2. We have completed preparations for the transfer of an "as new" Emergency Generator Room Complete with day tanks, fire extinguisher systems, and electrical switchgear. This operation will take place in March. This equipment will be installed in a new space to be designed by M. Rosenblatt & Sons to meet IMO and USCG regulations for emergency power aboard Inspected Vessels.

  3. Glacier Society participated in the Annual meeting of the United States Arctic Research Commission this past January, by invitation of its Chairman, George B. Newton. We invite you to visit Here you may observe the
    synergies possible with the cooperation of the Glacier Society and many existing research programs. We were fortunate to meet all the Commissioners and the staff members including Dr. Rita Colwell the most distinguished leader of NSF and a strong proponent of increased research in the Arctic. The Society presented its vision of the restoration process and the planned scientific use of the vessel. We believe the future is promising indeed.

  4. Last week the Glacier Society toured England to lay the foundation for establishing formal links in the UK via becoming a UK entity registered with their Charity Board. This will enable UK resident Polar Explorers to join our team and participate in their local currency. We held numerous meeting, which included our Board members Alexandra Shackleton and Peter Fuchs.

  5. Glacier Society will participate in the Annual Winter Board Meeting of the HNSA, (Historic Naval Ship Assoc.) and then the Navy Memorial Dinner the first week of March. Meetings with our Congressional supporters, and MARAD will be perused to complete the transfer documents and prepare to move the ship to the pier at Mare Island. This will be followed by a two-week work period aboard ship. We will be ready to move shortly.

  6. The following skills are needed, and can be executed from home. Please help us find volunteers:

    a. Grant writers
    b. Authors for the newsletter & public relations
    c. Researchers to search the national Archives under our direction


    Bernard G. Koether


1. Some may wonder why there has been no report since July. First, I was in Europe on business in August. While away my house was struck by lightening knocking out most electrical and computer systems. We were struggling to restore them when we were hit with Sept 11. Our membership recruiting and fund raising has suffered, as the Nation's attention focused on the immediate priority. All systems are back on line and we are picking up steam again.

2. Work aboard ship continued with only slight interruption. We have a big operation planned to shift significant equipment aboard Glacier as soon as MARAD is ready. We need a push from our volunteers because we are in the home stretch, just eleven months to our departure date from MARAD.

3. Last week we received from MARAD the first draft of our "closing" documents. These are the contracts by which we execute the removal and assume operational command of Glacier. We expect to move at the end of next summer. Preparations are underway for a berth at Mare Island.

4. We have formed a Medical Committee. This group is composed of: Dr. David O. Haugland Col. USA (Ret.), Mr. John Fox, and Dr. Sandra Bogdon, DDS. These folks met at our offices and formed a plan to set the mission for a Medical Facility aboard Glacier and then to raise the funds to install all new equipment. Dr. Haugland served aboard Glacier for two years. He is fully retired and committed to this project. Dr. Bogdon is still practicing. Mr. Fox has experience in establishing charity medical facilities overseas. We encourage anyone who is especially interested in this effort to call or write the office and we will involve you with the effort.

5. The Glacier Society is now a full member of The Historic Naval Ship Association. This is an exciting step; we are now recognized as operating a museum. The Icebucket has been on display all summer along the Connecticut Coast. She is now laid up for winter and will be receiving new gear in anticipation of next year's operations.

6. We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Captain Ed Grant USN (Ret.). He was skipper of Glacier after my cruise. During the past two years I and others shared the restoration work with Ed. He was an inspiration to all and will be missed but not forgotten. The new web site now under preparation will feature stories and photos of Capt. Grant in action.

7. We request a show of hands. How many of you will volunteer for one, two, three or more weeks continuous service when we can provide room and board on or nearby Glacier? The response is critical to our planning. Please give it serious thought. We now have a mailing list of nearly 7,000. That means most of you have not made a financial or physical commitment as yet, NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION. Please make a year end gift today....right now before you forget. The Society, its volunteers and your shipmates need your support today! Everyone who sends in $100.00 in December will receive a new Video produced by volunteers from CBS TV about our project. Corporations can use this for employee motivation! ACT now, it lists all volunteers & corporate sponsors.

Ben Koether


1. We have had a very busy and productive two months. Enclosed at the end of this message is a Press Release from Congressman Shays describing the passage of the House Defense Authorization Act that includes our Bill. The Senate will follow shortly and send the package to the President for his signature.

2. We have located the "GREENLAND" or "ARCTIC" cruiser that served as the GLACIER survey vessel while operating in uncharted waters. This is a double-ended 40-Foot boat powered with a GM diesel. She is being prepared for transport to Norwalk, CT where she will be hosted by Cove Marine. Our volunteers will work at the Cove Facility until we make the boat ready for sea. We are seeking qualified volunteers to assist in this restoration. This work qualifies for sea time aboard GLACIER.

3. We were assisted by Boy Scout Troop 100 in preparing a Memorial Day Parade float in Westport, CT. Congratulations to the Scouts! Remember Admiral Byrd always selected several Eagle Scouts to join his expedition. We are re-establishing this program with Scouts earning sea time aboard the next GLACIER cruise.

4. Hats off to Peterson Power! They have provided GLACIER with a 25KW Generator set which is aboard ship and operating to provide our teams with light and ventilation.

5. We have a new staff member. Ron Gaines is a retired Master Chief USN. Ron called us when he heard about our project. He has moved his family from New Hampshire to be close to our office! Now that is dedication.

6. Do not forget: Those who are members and those who work to help restore the ship are the first chosen to ride the ship. If you are not a member yet. you may sign up online. This site is revised weekly so keep an eye on the progress and meet the members who are active.





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