Arctic Scoout

RESTORATION LOG #32 - 23 December 2003

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all and on behalf of the crew and membership let me send you heartfelt thanks for your support.

We have been silent for a while, two reasons: First I have been in Europe and second we were aboard ship again in December with members of the American Geophysical Union who were holding their annual Convention in San Francisco. The ship is all secured and ready to move to the pier.

But we need your ongoing support to keep the Glacier Society going! If you can, please consider making a year-end financial contribution by clicking on DONATE at the left.

Here is the SITREP:

  • Kvaerner Masa, visit: and look for Icebreakers, sent a designer to visit the ship and they have subsequently presented a proposal for beginning the redesign process. They were very supportive of the project and believe it is indeed feasible. This is very big news and we will be proceeding with these discussions early next year.

  • DNV also sent a surveyor who paralleled Kvaerner and our team. We entered voids and found them to be in excellent condition. A complete inspection will be accomplished once we are along side the pier in preparation for placing the ship in Class.

  • Teco-Westinghouse inspected the main propulsion motors and the generators and cleared them for being placed back on line. They also conducted a class in motor design and maintenance for our work crew. We all enjoyed being back in class.

  • We received the okay to proceed to pier 80 after the successful election of the new Mayor Newsome in the City of San Francisco. We are completing the movement details ASAP and hope to shift the week of FEB 17th 2004. As soon as the movement details are confirmed with all the parties we will send out the detailed movement plan.

  • We received aboard a team of scientists who previously cruised on the ship and discussed new modifications to the compartments and structure so as to make Glacier State of the Art Science capable. Kvaerner participated and contributed their Icebreaker knowledge. This was a giant step forward.

  • The Arctic Research Commission Executive team, Capt. Newton & Dr. Garry Brass, also participated. Visit:

The only barrier remaining in front of Glacier's sailing is the lack of funding and we have robust plans to attack and solve that issue just as we have every other issue since the day we began this effort. Keep the faith we will prevail.

RESTORATION LOG #31 - 6 October 2003

  • Our vision of creating an unparalleled platform for environmental research, humanitarian aide and outstanding hands-on educational experience is moving ahead!

  • We will be in San Francisco between OCT 15 -20 to participate in engineering meetings and set the plan to move to the pier.

  • We have ceased work aboard ship. MARAD is reorganizing their business. When that process is completed we expect to have the ship movement details set.

  • We are working on major grants, cash is needed immediately to fund the process, please dig down and focus on recruiting more members. Here are the recent crew reports, enjoy. Sorry all of you were not aboard to share the thrill of music playing throughout the ship, 1MC piping announcements, and the horn blowing, while the machine shop cranks out parts, and the crew welds repairs. It was awesome. Glacier is a working ship!

  • Volunteer Update Log
July 18th Update from Don Pomplun
"Present today were Frank Wright, Werner Pels, Don Pomplun and a late cameo appearance by a stowaway named Ben. Also visiting was Larry Roman, president of Ever-Green Communications, a specialist in Northern Telecom telephone switches. Attempts to revive the current system were unsuccessful. The Rustoleum Gang continued to attack the forward air-conditioning compressor room, and straightened out the boat deck office/storage areas. The service air compressor was fired up to sound a welcome whistle for our fearless leader as he waited at the MARAD barge. It was reported to be loud & clear."

August 5th Update from Jim Echoff
"Had 5 volunteers, today, they where Ray Bunten, Don Pomplun, George Wallace, Jack Diffily (1st time), and myself. The shore power cable, cables where meggered and tested (2nd set). They are OK for service. Today, was another general fix it day. Repaired and welded the hand rail on the ladder next to the hangar on the port side. Worked on more electrical gremlins and such. Repaired leak on the port side of the bridge where water was coming in. Re-pined all cables, holding safety net frames on the flight deck. The ships horn was again tested today, with George and myself under it. Will not tell you what was said of the person who did the test without announcing it on the 1MC."

August 7th Update from Don Pomplun
"We managed to power up the navigation lights, not with the extension cord, but off the main electrical panel. The problem was that the panel we had been looking for was actually a purloined transfer switch in the chart room. We discovered the severed cables and spliced them together. We also found a fuse panel out on the weather deck, replacing the fuses brought light to a number of areas on the 01 & 02 levels."
August 11th Update from Jim Echoff
"The ship's welder working, pad eyes moved and re-welded. Boarding ladder is ready to be completed. When we do move, we will have to tie up starboard side, unless we have a crane to move the ladder to the port side."
September 8 & 12 Update from Ray Bunten
"Worked on wiring for the foredeck floodlight and anchor (top of jack staff) light. Placed Jack Staff in position. Bow light operates from its proper switch in pilothouse Frank continued cleanup of compartments in the B1 second platform area. Picked up several power panel covers from the Point Defiance and replaced badly rusted cover in helo hanger.

The Main motors commutators are in excellent condition; the brushes and brush rigging are in good condition. Checked the heaters in main motors and propulsion generators. Can start dry out as soon as shore power is available.

Completed closure of the ship for winter. All possible ports and vents have been secured in some cases duct tape was used to supplement the gaskets."

RESTORATION LOG #30 - 2 September 2003

  1. Welcome to high technology! I am writing you and sending email via wireless e-mail at the airport. I will be traveling constantly until our SNAME World Technology Conference in San Francisco October 17 to 20. This will be a good opportunity for you folks on the West Coast to meet the crew, visit the ship, and see a good show. Visit the web site for details.

  2. Our Big News: We have a new Vice President of Communications and Development ...Steve Johnson. Steve brings a record of achievement at the highest levels in non-profit management. He served as President of AmeriCares for ten years. That group distributes medical supplies and care worldwide.

  3. Jim Echoff, has been appointed the Restoration Site Coordinator for the Crew and MARAD. Jim has spent nearly 100 days aboard ship at MARAD. He knows every inch of Glacier and is committed to ride her to sea!

  4. We are on track with various grant requests and we are building momentum with new volunteers dedicated to this task. We hope to be generating a high volume of specific targeted funding requests in the months ahead. Steve Johnson will be spearheading this effort.

  5. Victoria Ship Yards is sending a team to generate a ROM budget for our major overhaul to place Glacier into "class". We will be meeting in San Francisco soon. San Francisco Dry Dock has already made an effort in this regard. Other shipyards have been invited to participate in the process.

  6. SBC Communications has presented its first proposal for the new phone system. Our Volunteers onboard ship will review the plan and we will prepare to move forward with the installation in the near future.

  7. Taylor Environmental has agreed to donate materials to rebuild ICEBUCKET and equip her with heat and air conditioning. Just the equipment we need to support our Youth Program.

RESTORATION LOG #29 - 6 August 2003

  1. Summer is always a hard task for volunteer organizations. Thank the Lord we have such a dedicated core crew membership that keeps things moving ahead while lots of families take their vacations. I am one!! Lately I have been receiving emails asking where are you? Well I am taking care of family obligations…. but do not worry things are moving along…. we have a dedicated crew!

  2. We are sending this to almost 4,000 addressees tonight. Only one addressee kicked up questionable as I entered the mail program. Thanks to Vickie's diligence in editing the database.

  3. Crew work continues daily as scheduled. Lots of progress on many fronts. Last month we had SBC Communications aboard and we are expecting a new phone switch to be installed soon. This will be a great addition and an essential part of the ship's equipment configuration for coming to the pier. Communications via voice to our supporters, and security forces, will be essential to our success.

  4. We sorted out shore power cables, boarding ladder, electrical connections, sound systems, and dozens of other details last month and this week.

  5. The pier move remains an issue related to California political maneuverings. We are hard on the case, but please realize the peoples minds are focused elsewhere at the moment…did you watch TV tonight? ...Maybe things will get better after the first of September, please make a prayer and, "keep the faith" we the people will prevail and move Glacier into San Francisco soon.

  6. I realized tonight that Walnut Creek, CA is the town with the largest number of dedicated supporters making scheduled trips to Glacier. THREE CHEERS to Walnut Creek!

  7. The staff at GS HQ is working on new marketing materials and program development…that means fundraising. Our needs besides the ship are software and equipment to support our growing list of volunteers who are showing up at HQ in CT to work for the Society. We are bringing on board new volunteers daily back East, a great sign that our work is gaining recognition. THANKS TO YOU SHIP BOARD VOLUNTEERS!

RESTORATION LOG #28 - 3 July 2003

Work resumes July 7th for two weeks, please join the Team!

  1. We had a very productive month in June. Outstanding team of volunteers and a record number of people, both repeats and new. Please visit, and here you will see all the volunteers listed. If your name is not there you know what to do! This month was a big highlight for the ships systems are coming on line smoothly. We have a great team of talented and cooperative man & women working smoothly together in spite of their great separations by time and space and the difficult working conditions. Before I left last week we sounded the ships whistle, piped the crew to take a break and get into the hammocks for a rest! We sounded the alarms, collision, chemical, etc. And they all worked! We are all proud of the engineers and skilled workers who designed and built such a magnificent ship. It is truly an amazing tribute to our country's character that this ship and all it's systems are coming back after so many years of neglect with so little effort.
  2. Big News! The ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, has approved Glacier's nomination as a "Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark" There is more work to do, but the award should be officially announced in the fall. This was a team effort lead by Joseph C. DeFranco, P.E. An outstanding example of what one fresh volunteer can bring to lead our members to new successes.
  3. Both the Port & Starboard anchor chains are bent on and both windlass sets are working. Pelican hooks are set and the anchors are ready to run.
  4. All ventilation fans are running in their proper directions. And the ship is full of fresh air. This is the first time I could smell no trace of musty orders. The ship is alive and feels ready to go!
  5. We completed the ultrasonic and visual inspections of the hull plates and voids under the direction of Edge Testing of Benicia, CA. You can see photos of Joe Arvizu and his team on the web site. The measurements showed more than enough steel in the hull and welded closure plates. Most significantly, the voids were very clean with just surface rust and no scaling or structural degradation. Conclusion: Glacier will pass into class without a problem.
  6. The Benicia Sea Scouts have reconditioned our MSB and they cruised me to observe Glacier from the waters edge. The next day they volunteered aboard Glacier and cleaned up the mess created when we lit off the ventilation fans. GREAT JOB! Meeting these fine youngsters made the past 5 years work all worth it! Each of you has helped, thanks.
  7. All watertight hatches & void covers are closed except a few hatches we need to reach the engineering spaces to light off power for the windlass. All mooring lines are flaked out and ready to run. New flags and signal halyards are rigged, we are ready to move to the pier.
  8. Visit to see Congressman Simmons Award.
  9. The 1MC made a call for all hands last month for the first time in 15 years, PERFECTLY!
  10. We are working out the troubles with the sound powered phone circuits, and expect volunteer assistance from Northern Telecom to fix our broken dial telephones. We should know about this next week. Pier 80 becomes available July 5th as the MARAD lease expires, we are hard at work to secure a lease, stand by.

Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #27 - 1 June 2003

WORK BEGINS Monday June 9th for two weeks, see you on board!

The ship will be ready to move after this month's effort that will complete the ultrasonic survey of the hull plates and the installation of the anchor gear. We will meet with USCG MSO, tugs, Pilots, and set a window for the move, SF Pier 80 remains the target.

I'd like to share just a bit of our mail with you, here are edited reports from the ship & others this past few weeks, and italics are my comments. I think you will gain an appreciation of the effect we are having. Please, if you cannot participate aboard ship, send in some cash to help these men and women who are bringing the Glacier alive. They need and deserve your financial support. Remember moving alongside the pier takes CASH DOLLARS as well as volunteers. Make a written reminder now...visit the secure web site and join or make your contribution on

Glacier Restoration Crew 05.14.2003 Jim Echoff (USCG Ret.) Reporting:
First thing......................... We will get anchor chain tomorrow, Thurs 5/15. Here is the drill: MARAD found some 2 1/4" chain, they started taking it off of one of the ships…. so we will get the chain right before or after (MARAD's) lunch. The crane will make sure we have the chain secured in the chain locker and are pulling it aboard. IF, we run out of time and there is still chain on the barge, at quitting time, they will take the remainder of the chain, and place it in front of the ship. Then, next month, the remainder of the chain can be brought aboard and put into the chain locker. As for today, work continued. Werner Pels, Frank Wright, Don Pomplun, Ernie Kelley, and myself where present. Worked on cleaning up deck areas, worked on alarms & tracing wire to vent motors. Placed 3 signal halyard lines on the port side, could only get 1 on the starboard side. It is going to take someone who wants to climb the stick and go out on the yardarms to finish this job. Ben has volunteered his son; we will complete preparations for the new flag bags in June. The new sets of signal flags arrived! We are ordering new service ribbon plaques to be mounted on the Bridge Wings.

Great effort today, both on the vent system & anchor chain projects. (The exhaust ventilation fan on the Port side is now reinstalled and fully operational and the Port anchor chain is complete, we will finish the other in June). Frank continued his rust cleanup and he and Ernie took lots of pictures. (We are working to get these excellent photos of the chain loading this week at GS HQ).

"Be sure and copy Brent (A new volunteer, Welcome aboard Brent!) on all the Emails - we may have him hooked."
Bill Jones
Krogh Pump Company, Benicia, CA

"I should be able to help with some prep and the move. I have helped in the past (okay, only once), but I am making myself available to help with the move. Please keep the info coming." David Blackwell
ET3, USCG DF '80, '81, '82

"Elaine and I would like very much to be part of the move. Mike and Nancy Devine want to be part of this also. We are anxiously (but not more anxiously than you, I'm sure) waiting the actual date so we can get reservations, etc. Would staying at the Best Western in Benicia be the most central location? Is there a better place? We're just full of questions that you will probably answer in due time."
Frank Brown USN (Ret.)
Hospital Corps man who has worked on the restoration and helped keep our crew members alive and well in 1959. He and his wife brought the Devine family along, great fun to share this with them.

"Thanks to all volunteers:
I initially joined in order to forward your messages to one of your alumni, CPO Richard Zinser. Thank you for your service to our country."
Ed Wood USCG (Ret.)
Sparta, TN

"Old Sailors Never Give Up Hope!
Currently, June 9 - 20 are open for me, not accounting for falling in love."
Regards, Don

"Ben, Yes, I would like to join the crew for the cruise to SF. I expect I can be a more helpful volunteer once the Glacier is dockside in SF and available weekends. I mentioned to Jim, yesterday, I have experience painting and would be happy to contribute in that way. Also, I like to cook and would be interested in helping in the Galley with food service when you get to that point.
Cheers! Bob Nordhausen, USN, Ret.

Ben, I definitely want to be part of the crew for the move. It will be great to get her into San Francisco where we can work on weekends. Then I can put in much more time. I will stay flexible during this period. GREAT WORK, BEN!! (He means all of you!)
Mike Milligan

Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #26 - 10 May 2003



"New Signal flags have been ordered and Bill Jones's wife is going to sew the new flag bags."

"The "kit" (special tools for the detachable links required to bend on anchor chain) arrived, two tapered pin hammers & lead plugs. With the hairpins that I made, I think we are in pretty good shape to complete the anchor chain operation next week."
Jim Echoff

"Removed and cleaned for reuse two removable chain links from the port anchor. One 2 1/2 and one 2 1/4. JT Washington has promised to provide the lead plugs. Installed back up cable stopper for Stbd.. anchor and released inboard pelican hook. Cleaned and lubricated inboard anchor turnbuckles. Continued pumping water and cleaning up in CPO quarters where water came in through port hole. Continued cleaning resistor and control cabinets on towing winch. Volunteers aboard Werner Pels, Frank Wright and Ray Bunten."
"MARAD crew removed the forward anchor that was deployed through the bull nose this morning. Crew also rearranged the forward wires to the Mauna Kea and the Nemasket to clear the forward deck area for chain handling. This clearly shows that the ship is being prepared for movement."
Ray Bunten

"Don't know whether I qualify as strong and capable, but I'll be there next week, EXCEPT for Thursday. Thanks to our MARAD escort, Mr. Washington, we got a lot of chain prep work done this week that would have been much more difficult without his expert advice."
Werner Pels

"Thank you for providing regular, early information about the timing for the USCGC GLACIER shift to San Francisco."
John Pace, SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.

"Please welcome Brent Anderson, a good friend and fellow trombone player. He is looking forward to helping on Tuesday and Thursday, as I will also."
Bill Jones

Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #25 - 05 May 2003

  1. We continue making steady progress and are closing in on the move date. Here are the list of outstanding items that are completed or will be by the end of next week.

  2. The anchor windlass is operational having been certified by our crew and confirmed by MARAD. The chain will be loaded and bent on to the anchors next Tuesday & Thursday. WE NEED ALL HANDS THOSE DAYS. A detachable link kit is on order for next week to connect the anchor chain.

  3. The bilges are dry and flooding alarms will be completed and operational next week.

  4. The voids that were opened have been closed and we are beginning to Set Condition Zebra second deck and below as the ultra sonic survey is completed.

  5. We have gathered considerable ultrasonic readings of the plates and things look good, but we will await the official report from our Pro Bono survey team led by the able Joe Arvizu of Edge Testing and Inspection. Please give a big hand to Joe, he has volunteered whilst he is forming his new company.

  6. Signal Flags and halyards are on order. We need a volunteer canvas shop to make us a flag bag cover, who's out there??

  7. All watertight doors are operational. The decks are cleared of obstructions and new lifelines rigged. The mooring lines are flaked out ready to run.

  8. Type II PFD's will be loaded next week, borrowed from the Red Oak Victory, Thank you Red Oak Victory!!

  9. We will meet with the SFO Warfinger next Monday to complete arrangements for Pier 80 and place the order for the insurance.

  10. That leaves us only to wind up the details with USCG MSO and the SFO Pilots and SeaRiver Tugs to set the movement date.

  11. Meanwhile your Finance Team, Grants Team, and the Design & Build team are hard at work lining up money and specifications for the dry dock period.

Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #24 - 31 March 2003

  1. We are a bit slow in reporting this month because we are so engaged with ship activities and now an increasing burden of shore based paper work focused on the restoration of the ship. Here are the highlights for the month of March.
  2. Ship pre-movement preparations are advancing. Yesterday Peterson Power & MARAD delivered a 350 KW Gen Set to the hanger deck. This will be cut into the ships electrical system to power the anchor windlass and the after mooring winches. Anchor chain will arrive shortly.
  3. All gear and spaces are ready to get underway. All we have to do is to complete pumping the bilges and seal the voids and close all hatches below the waterline. But we will also install bilge alarms, and eventually will have them linked with wireless telemetry to our local volunteers and GS HQ. We are also investigating new technology, (Safe Harbor) for Video surveillance of the ship that will be available over the Internet.
  4. We have visited with various suppliers to assist in developing new specifications for the re-build of Glacier. Several have submitted written quotations and even shop drawings, so this effort is gaining real steam. The number one priority is to bring on one or more shipyards to give us some assistance with restoration estimates. Two yards have requested a set of plans for review. Meanwhile our Design Team continues its work towards developing a shipyard bid package.
  5. We are circulating a set of Science specifications, or a Science Mission Statement & capabilities outline, for review. If you would like one to receive one speak up. We are seeking as many sources and ideas as possible. We are awaiting completion of the Medical Teams first draft and then it will be circulated. And last we are beginning to pull together the Education component. This is being spearheaded by our San Francisco based Team, under the leadership of Tom Rusert and Gary Franklin, and our East Coast team lead by John Barell at the American Museum of Natural History.
  6. Next week we will conduct an ultra sonic survey of the hull from the interior spaces where we can access the outer plating. This, with the pier contract, the tow plan and the insurance should position us for final clearance by USCG to move to SFO Pier 80 in June. We will try to set a date with as much advance notice as possible.
  7. We are creating a new web page with a listing of our Corporate Sponsors, a paragraph about those significant contributors, and links to their home site. Please watch it should be up soon. And if your name is not there, we'd be happy to help you receive recognition…just take some action today!


Ben Koether

RESTORATION LOG #23 - 28 February 2003

  1. We have begun a very productive year, 2003. We logged twice as many volunteer man-days than we had in the same period of time last year. The future looks very bright, thank you all.

  2. Our pre movement survey will be in the hands of the USCG this week and followed shortly by the tow plan and a target date agreed upon by USCG, SeaRiver Tugs, SFO Pilots, and our membership. Looks like the end of April or early May.

  3. Our next workweek is March 10 to 14. Let's keep the pace up; we have lots to do to get ready to move. If you are a volunteer we will send you the detailed work list and some preliminary priorities.

  4. We are completing several grant applications. If you know of someone who is qualified we could use more hands for this effort, and general fund raising.

  5. Our vendor participation is growing with preliminary design efforts and specifications for the ship overhaul moving ahead quickly. Our team of doctors from Yale Medical School is drafting a medical plan and we are gaining in enlistments from leading Scientific centers such as Byrd Polar Institute. Keep an eye on the web site for details of all the new "board members and their credentials." You'll find it very impressive indeed.

  6. Major recent accomplishments put the following into operation: Quick acting watertight doors, running lights, forward crane.

  7. MarineSafety International has made a very generous and significant commitment to provide training for our crewmembers to attain STCW certification. Access will be via application and scheduling at our head office. We will begin this process once the ship is alongside the pier and we have established the crew requirements and determined the bridge equipment and configuration. Meanwhile visit the web site: You will be very impressed. Our crew will be have the very best training available. We have requests out to other schools for additional training programs that may be closer to your home.

  8. Our membership continues to climb, and our corporate support as well. Have you done everything you can to bear a hand? We need dedicated funds for berthing, mooring gear, fire protection equipment, and supplies. Once alongside we will continue with our Elderhostel Program. There are nearly 20 participants excited and waiting availability to join the crew aboard ship. IF NOT A MEMBER NOW, JOIN TODAY! WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION NOW!

  9. We are in discussions with SNAME to establish a joint program at the World Maritime Technology Conference and Exposition in San Francisco October 17 to 20. Visit Corporate sponsorship opportunities will be available for this event that will be in downtown San Francisco.

Ben Koether





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