A letter of thanks from one of our volunteers
Arctic Scoout

Dear Ben,

I just wanted to write a few lines expressing how great it was for me to have spent the last two days with Tom Ebnet and my fellow Glacier volunteers working on the Glacier. Please pass this on to Tom, as I dont have his email address.

I am an old Army guy (60 years old, that is) while most of the others had some connection with the Navy or Coast Guard or other sea faring organization. It was just great the way these folks accepted a ground pounder and made me one of the group. It was great to work with people who new how to work!. And this goes for the old salts among us as well as for the fine two young reservists who joined us on 12/12. Here were two fine young men who not only had the physical strength for the tougher jobs, but actually had the enthusiasm to perform them. I must say that I have discovered muscle groups I had never known and all my old battle wounds acted up again. (None of these due to actual battle, but some of those other hazards one encounters while on shore leave in the service).

I love old military hardware, and this ship is from the era when I was on active duty, so much of the apparatus and terminology were familiar. The crew members versed me in the sea going terminology like For and Aft, Port and Starboard and the like. I even learned how to count decks. It was great. On the second day, 12/13/2002, I worked with another volunteer and we surveyed every door and hatch on the ship for serviceability. This gave me the rare opportunity of seeing almost every nook and cranny of the ship. This was fascinating. The 10 diesel engines, the huge electric motors and prop shafts, galley, machine shop, wench room, etc. I couldnt assimilate it fast enough. Of course after going up and down every ladder and stairs about 10 times each, my knees are complaining today, but I wouldnt have missed it.

The cold rainy weather only added to the mystique. Of course two days of VIP type duty in no way resembles life aboard a vessel such as this on active duty (especially during ice breaking). I am just all smiles, but I am sure there were many really tough days also. So to all you ex-crew thanks for letting me share in the experience of rebuilding your great ship. And to my fellow volunteers, it was great working with you and I hope to see you again during the next tour.

I am anxious for the Glacier to get to port so that I can spend more time working on her. And I hope to be aboard as honorary crew during the move!!.

Thanks Ben, these two days gave me a shot in the arm that I needed!

Mike Milligan
Concord, CA




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