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We at Glacier Society would like to share the most recent Executive Director Memorandum from The Historical Naval Ships Association.  There are many opportunities to get involved with the association. Please take the time to read their announcements and donation opportunities. Contact Executive Director Jeffrey S. Nilsson for any further information (


3 June 2014


Subj:  Various

1. Museum Newsletters.    The Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA) puts out a newsletter, the Anchor Watch, three times a year.  The information we publish is gathered from a number of sources, one of which is your museum’s newsletters.  To this end, Jason Hall and I would really be grateful if you would add the two of us on your distribution lists to receive your newsletters. Jason’s email address is and his postal mail address is: Jason Hall, Battleship New Jersey Museum, 62 Battleship Place, Camden, NJ 08103-3302.  My email address is:, and my postal mail address is: HNSA, P.O. box 401,, Smithfield, VA 232431-0401.

2. Compass and Compass Card Available for Donation.   I recently had an email from Ms. Mary Ames Booker, Curator at the Battleship North Carolina indicating that they have de-accessioned two objects that may be of  interest to another ship museum. They are:

Compass Card:  This is a U.S. Navy issued pelorus (compass card) probably from the 1950’s . The donor took it from a scrapped ship.  It is made by Kelvin & Wilfrid O. White Company, Nautical Manufacturing, Co. Boston, MA. This item was never used and came from a Navy AK troop carrier or a victory ship of WWII vintage. It has a black painted metal base with glass top and black chart letterings. Can be illuminated by electrical light. Cord included. Wooden case with brass latch and handles. Paper instructions included. Box is 7 1Ž2” x 12’ x 11 1Ž2 “. Pelorus is 7 1Ž4” x 10”.

Compass:   U.S. Navy issued magnetic compass. Black painted meal with glass face and black lettering.  Fluid located inside compass under glass.  Identification number 53012, made by Ritchie, Pembroke, MA.  Probably from the 1930s or 1940s according to the donor.  In wooden case with brass handles.

If interested in either or both of these objects, please contact Ms. Mary Ames Booker at: or or by telephone at 901-251-5797 ext. 3026.  Recipient must pay shipping costs. Both are in very good condition.

3.  Iowa seeks a MK 57 One Meter Rangefinder.   I have had a request from the folks at the Pacific Battleship Center (ex-Iowa)  in San Pedro, CA to publish that they are seeking a MK 57 One Meter Rangefinder for use on the Iowa. If you have an extra that you would be willing to send to the Iowa or the manual for this model, please contact Mr. Russ Farnell, who is a volunteer at the museum. His email is:


Historic Naval Ships Association

Post Office 401

Smithfield, Virginia 23431-0401

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