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By becoming a member of the Glacier Society today, you can start taking advantage of your member benefits.

General Membership
Participation in the General Membership program entitles you to society membership in one of the categories listed below. Dues are payable in full.

The Glacier Club
Benefits include a quarterly Icebreaker Newsletter, free admission to the ship, a 10% discount at the ship store, news pertaining to ship reunions, a membership kit, and eligibility for restoration participation and voyage. Voyage eligibility is based on random drawings.

Glacier Crew Members – $25
Retired Military (Any Branch) – $50
Retired Military and Family – $60
Active Duty Military – $70
Active Duty and Family – $75
Faculty Members and Students – $85
General Public Individual – $100
General Public and Family – $125

The Plank Owners’ Club
**Plank Owners will receive a $35 Gift Certificate to the Ship Store in addition to Glacier Club benefits

Plank Owner Silver – $250
Plank Owner Gold – $500
Plank Owner Platinum – $1,000

The Polar Explorers’ Club
In addition to Glacier Club benefits, Polar Explorers receive Invitations to Annual Meetings, Invitations to Expeditions, and a Distinctive Jacket with Emblems. Lapel Pins and Bronze Plaques are also available.

**Polar Explorers will receive a $200 Gift Certificate to the Ship Store.

Polar Mariner – $2,000
Polar Pioneer – $5,000
Polar Adventurer – $10,000
Polar Explorer – $25,000

The Flag Rank Club
Please speak with one of our trustees about attaining lifetime Admiral status.

The Crew Club Membership
The dues for the Crew Club Membership program are payable in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual installments and entitles you to Glacier

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