Meet Gerry Roberts!!!

Ben & GerryIn photo (left to right): Ben Koether and Gerry Roberts

The Glacier Society is proud to introduce the newest member of our crew! Gerry Roberts will be volunteering his time as the Glacier Society’s Director of Programs.

Gerry is an Ensign in the US Naval Sea Cadets Corp, instructor of Emergency Preparedness, liaison for US NAVY ship commissioning, and a former USCG Auxiliary Flotilla Safety Officer. In addition to his affiliations, certifications, and years of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency experience, he is the former Public Safety Liaison for the City of Fort Lauderdale, regarding Unified Incident Command and Emergency Contingency Planning. He is a member of the Regional Domestic Security Task Force on Maritime Port Security and advisor to the Federal Bureau of Investigation`s Special Event Team. We at the Glacier Society are proud to welcome Gerry aboard our mission!

Contact Gerry Roberts at:
(954)394-2673 cell

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