Mission Statement


Our mission is to:

“Preserve the heritage of the United States’ maritime exploration of the Polar Regions, provide an educational and reference source, train and educate youth”

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the GLACIER Society is to preserve the history of America’s polar explorations (especially in the Antarctic), tell the story of the Coast Guard and Navy icebreakers and provide educational resources including afloat training for our youth. The former Navy/Coast Guard icebreaker GLACIER will serve as the focal point of this effort (in her 32 years of service, GLACIER made 29 voyages to the Antarctic (15 consecutive) and 10 to the Arctic).

The ARCTIC SCOUT, a completely restored and operational Arctic Survey Boat (originally carried on board the GLACIER), and a motor whaleboat, ARCTIC GAYLE, of the type used by the GLACIER, will provide youth training along the East Coast.

The North East coast of the United States is the home of several maritime historical sites/museums. With its unique emphasis on polar operations, the ARCTIC SCOUT will provide a worthy complement. The New England states, and especially Connecticut, were the home base of many of the early polar explorers. Thus it is very appropriate to have ARCTIC SCOUT home ported in Bridgeport, CT, where it will provide a key element of Bridgeport’s renovated Harbor community. The Society seeks support from the city of Bridgeport, the state of Connecticut, worldwide polar community and the icebreaker veterans throughout the country.

Bernard G. Koether, II
Glacier Society