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Cruise Ship Sets Antarctic Record

Cruise ship

During a 22-day expedition of the Ross Sea, on January 28th, 2017, The World, a private residential cruise ship, commanded by Captain Dag H. Saevi, broke the world record for the furthest south any vessel has ever traveled. Reaching the Bay of Whales in Antarctica’s Ross Sea, The World traveled 78°43•997´S and 163°41•421´W.

“When we designed this remarkable expedition to the Ross Sea with our residents, that has taken two years of preparation, we hoped that with the right conditions we might be able to reach the ice shelf and set a new record for the most southerly navigation.” – Captain of The World, Dag H. Saevi.

The Glacier Society congratulates Captain Saevi for his historic voyage!

Ben Koether, Founder of The Glacier Society, navigated the USS Glacier through these same waters in 1950, 1960, and 1961. All with just a sextant, no stars, and no electronics. “What beautiful cruising waters when the weather cooperates,” said Ben.

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To read the full story regarding The World click below:

Attention All Sea Cadets: Join us for one last hoorah aboard the EXPLORER!

The Explorer
In 1999, The Glacier Society took the Edson Division Cadets on the Arctic Scout to participate alongside the INTREPID during Fleet Week. Nearly 20 years later, we have been gifted the opportunity to repeat this great voyage on Glacier Society’s vessel, the EXPLORER, this spring, and summer, before we find a new home for our beloved boat.

The EXPLORER is headed to New England and The Glacier Society wants to welcome all CT Sea Cadets aboard the EXPLORER free of charge. In the past, we have cruised with up to 20+ for a day and evening, depending upon the Cadets, the supervision, and the capability of the supporters to make this all work smoothly.

The major portion of the event will be funded by The Glacier Society. We ask guests to pay only for their food, drinks, and public transportation to the ship. However, Donations for this event are sought after, most welcome, and are tax deductible.

Join us for one last excursion this spring and summer before we part ways with The EXPLORER!

See link below for the listing for m/v EXPLORER and a link to her virtual tour:

Virtual Tour
The Explorer2

Russian Icebreakers Make Historic Artic Voyage

russian icebreaker

Just a few days ago, two Russian icebreakers have been reported stuck in the East Siberian Sea after getting caught in meter thick ice fields on their journey home from Russia’s northernmost port of Pevek, Chukotka. The journey started December 14th and lasted until January 7th, and it was the first crossing since Soviet times. The ship’s mission was to deliver supplies for the word’s first floating heat and power plant to be assembled in Chukotka. However, unpredictable weather still leaves the icebreakers trapped in thick ice around Chukotka’s northernmost cape Shelagsky. Reports indicate vessels can be stuck for up to a week, though not to worry, it has been confirmed all ships have enough fuel, food, and all other necessities.

Link to full story: http://bit.ly/2k8nYZk

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