Brown Men Charge to the Arctic for Medical Research

March 8 , 2004

Ben Koether, Chairman of The Glacier Society, and Rosanne Duane, Esq., partner at Edwards & Angell, LLP, presented Jonathan Cole, Esq., a recognition award for his Pro Bono services on behalf of the Glacier Society. Jonathan, partner at Edwards & Angell, LLP, has been working for the Society assisting in various legal and "venture Capital" matters. 

The Glacier Society intends to restore Admiral Byrd's flagship, the former USS Glacier, and place her in service in the Arctic serving the Circumpolar Nations. The Glacier and her all volunteer crew of merchant seamen, doctors, and research scientists will focus their efforts delivering greatly needed medical treatment to the indigenous peoples while seeking clues to disease and the causal effects of the global warming trend and pollution of the world's oceans. 

The Society maintains offices in FT. Lauderdale, Stratford, CT, and plans to home port the ship
in Anchorage Alaska.

The Founder, Ben Koether, noted that Jon is just one of over 300 professional persons from London, England to New Zealand who are working to raise the 200 million dollars needed to make this program a success.

"However, he is a very special addition to the core team composed of Captain Phillip W. Porter, Jr, the Commanding Officer of Glacier when Ensign Koether served as the ships Navigator in 1959., and other Brown men".

All three men are graduates of Brown University and plan to sail the ship into Palm Beach flying the Brown University Flag sometime in the future.