Restoration of the Icebucket

The Icebucket is currently on the "hard" at the Brewer Pilot Point Marina in Westbrook, CT, undergoing a compete retrofit. As you can see from the picture, she is down to "bare metal" (actually bare fiberglass) and will soon receive a new coat of paint, a new name and a lot more new goodies to get her seaworthy again.

In September 2000, Jack Erhard from the Glacier Society rescued the Artic Survey Boat (ASB) from the Baltimore Coast Guard yard. He and some friends labored over the remainder of 2000 into 2001 to get the ASB ready for a cruise up the East Coast to NYC for "Fleet Week" in May 2001, where she was berthed next to the carrier INTREPID and the destroyer EDSON. She then sailed on to Glacier Society headquarters in Stratford, CT, and subsequently to Westbrook and the Brewer Marina. Jack is most appreciative of the help he received during those months from the USCG Station Baltimore and the "John W. Brown" Liberty ship, which gave him and his work crew free berthing during their many overnight trips to the boat. 

The primary mission of the Icebucket program is to build a youth educational program around her and focus upon education and fund-raising. The Icebucket experience would teach kids how to work and drive the ship. From September to May each year, Icebucket and her complement of Boy and/or Sea Scouts would sail Long Island Sound and perhaps traverse the Intercostals waterway (ICW) to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 

The educational mission involves educating youth in boat handling and navigational skills so they qualify for Boat Operator's Licenses (commonly known in the Industry as a 6 Pack). This allows them to operate small watercraft (45'-60') and carry paying passengers. Additionally, the mission is to educate these students in marine sciences and leadership skills as well as the history of the ice operations of the mother ship, the USS/USCGC GLACIER to the polar regions of the globe. 

Donations of equipment, services and cash from major donors are critical to the eventual success of the program. For example, The Dometic Corporation, the largest LBO firm in Sweden, has donated the new heating and air-conditioning system for Icebucket. This funds the cornerstone for the rebuilding project. Dometic also is in a position to provide additional needed equipment, which includes microwave ovens, marine heads, refrigerating /freezer and various electrical items. 

Another major contributor is Brewer's Yacht Yard in Westbrook, CT, whose labor and hosting contribution is significant in helping us prepare the Icebucket for this mission.

Other major contributors include Sherwin Williams Marine Paints who generously donated exterior coatings and paints; and Kellogg Marine Supply.

Currently, an additional $100,000 is needed to complete the entire overhaul.

Year One Objectives: 

  1. Launch Icebucket fully refurbished and refitted, ready  for sea. Conduct sea trials.
  2. Enlist support from leaders and students to man and serve on Icebucket.
  3. Enlist support from Navy League Chapters on eastern seaboard.
  4. Identify Marine Sciences instructors and enlist support in planning for marine sciences courses during Year Two.
  5. Take initial cruise down ICW.
  6. Commence educational activities for Boat Operators'   Licenses.
  7. Prepare and implement Leadership curriculum.